Construction firm Knowles is excited to share one of our most ambitious hoarding designs to date. The unique hoarding, developed for a project involving a retrofit basement in Abingdon Road, Kensington, is the biggest, highest, most complicated hoarding design, manufacture and install yet.

Despite the scale of the task, and the size of the basement construction project, Knowles has worked closely with 989 Design to create something that not only looks great, but also helps protect others in the neighbourhood from any disruption from the site.

Abingdon Road, London – Basement Construction

This huge project consisted of a full internal strip out and floor removal of the superstructure, plus floor renewal to all levels including a new roof structure. From there, the proposed works are to carry out reinforced concrete (RC) underpinning and excavation to form a new basement below the existing footprint of the property.

Knowles had to ensure that the neighbourhood didn’t suffer from noise, dust and the general upheaval that comes from living in the vicinity of a construction site. The large hoarding proved to be a very effective part of this – we’re thrilled with the design and have rolled out similar designs to other projects.

Castelnau, London – Basement Construction

Another large project on Castelnau consisted of the construction of a basement out to the back of the garden, and required the back part of the house to be demolished, restructured then rebuilt.

As well as working alongside 989 Design to deliver the best hoarding for the project, this has been another opportunity for the Knowles team to prove our dedication to keeping the status quo of the local area, and ensure that we employ the most considerate contractors to work on all our sites.

Clareville, London – Basement Construction

Two beautiful period townhouses next to one another in Clareville Grove will have a single story retrofit basement built, which extends to the full footprint of both properties, plus 50% of the garden on one of them – another mammoth project for Knowles.

In addition to this spacious basement, one of the properties is also having a new mansard roof fitted and new floors on all three levels including an extension to the back elevation. The other will have a proposed lower ground floor ready for a new kitchen/reception room and dining room. The basement itself will incorporate a new study, gym and cinema room for the whole family to enjoy.

All of these Knowles basement projects show the importance that the Knowles team place on having happy clients and happy neighbours, while retaining some sense of peace in the neighbourhood during basement and superstructure construction. We do this by ensuring the site is contained in a hoarding that looks great and is effective.

The professionalism and skill of 989 Design helps Knowles to achieve this. We also work with a helpful, professional team of contractors on site who are dedicated to keeping everything tidy and keeping noise to a minimum.

If you require more information about a basement construction project, get in touch with one of our experts.