Signs Your London Home Could Use a Retrofit Basement

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London homes are notoriously pushed for space.With so many people living in the big city, there’s often barely enough room for gardens, let alone a traditional extension. The solution? A basement. Retrofitting a basement to your London home can double your living space, without costing valuable space above ground.

Your Family is Growing Fast

Planning for the arrival of a new family member is stressful enough as it is without having to worry about whether you need to buy a larger home. A basement conversion could be exactly what you need, transforming the previously unutilised space below ground into an extra bedroom, playroom or perhaps even a nice chill out zone for mum and dad!

You’re Running Out of Space

If you're finding it difficult to manoeuvre between all of the boxes, bits and bobs in the loft, children are fighting over shared rooms or you and your family are finding you're always in each other's way, it might be time to create some extra living space.

Particularly in houses with a distinct lack of square footage, like in central London, a basement can offer extra room without losing any above ground. You can finally get some of those aforementioned 'bits and bobs' out of the attic and put your feet up without getting in anyone's way.

You Work From Home

Nowadays, more and more people are conducting business remotely – often from home. Though this is certainly a more relaxing way to work - it can easily become a stressful endeavour if you have no way of separating home from work life.

A designated office space is key if you're going to be able to accomplish all your tasks uninterrupted. If setting up shop in the spare room isn't a possibility, a retrofit basement is definitely the career saver you need.

You Need More Room But Love You Garden

Living in London, a large garden is an elusive feature enjoyed by a select few, so losing even a small section of it to something like a traditional home extension is unthinkable. Keep your garden intact and start digging down instead.

Modern basements are highly tailored to the property and personal preferences. Whether you'd like a high-tech gym complete with moving floor swimming pool, skylights from the garden, a home cinema, a wine cellar or multiple storeys to include everything - with the right basement specialist, the possibilities are endless.

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