How London Property Developers Can Benefit from Shell Construction

April 14th 2016 | Back to news

With more and more homes extending beneath ground level, London’s leading construction firms are looking for new ways of building faster, cheaper, safer and greener basements. The shell and core construction method is an ideal construction techniques for London property developers to note, as it ticks so many boxes.

Faster Design and Build Process

Shell and core construction methods seem to be the answer to better property development and have many benefits, including the number one need of a prompt build. By planning, designing and building the inside of a structure as you go and later adding the final shell outside, end-users can reap the benefits of a brand new basement even sooner as well.

Project creep is a thing of the past with the shell and core method, as once the core and shell structures are installed, the internal architectural elements (fittings) can be integrated whilst the rest of the project takes place.

More Economic Basements in the Long Run

Not only are the margins for saving funds on labour, due to the shorter build time, a shell and core construction method uses an inexpensive yet effective concrete shell, which is readily available. Due to the complicated procedure of fitting a shell and core basement, the initial cost may be more, but over time, a basement shell and core will need less maintenance and repairs than a standard basement build.

Stronger and Safer Builds

The shell and core basement construction method provides extra durability due to its one-piece outer shell.

Better for the Environment

Everyone wants to be a little greener and an easy way to do it is to opt for a core and shell structure basement. Due to the shell’s solid concrete structure, heat is trapped in the building, keeping it warm without turning the heating on, and cool in summer minus the power-hungry air con.

Add in the choice of using recycled steel in the shell and core and insulate concrete forms, and the option to keep internal fittings (e.g. tiles, wood, appliances) rather than stripping them for waste, and you’ve got yourself one green basement.

Suitable for Commercial Buildings

Shell and core constructions are well-suited for commercial buildings the most since it allows the internal smaller unit hirer/ purchaser to plan, design and build their own dwellings - capitalising upon the green strategies and methodologies adopted and implemented by the main property developers.

This is important, since the smaller players can use the technology and 'greener' advantages of the building without worrying about exorbitant costs that otherwise could have not let them to adopt methods underlying the important of 'going-green.'

More Interior Design Options for the End User

Shell and core construction methods allow for more time to design the interior, offering a much better finish for the end user. This technique is much like creating a blank slate for the client to create the exact space they desire, with very few limits, regardless of whether the basement is for residential or commercial use.

To find out more about Shell and Core construction, contact the Knowles experts today and see what we can build for you.

How London Property Developers Can Benefit from Shell Construction