Spotlight on FT Architects - Designing Timeless, Elegant Spaces in Listed Buildings

May 31st 2016 | Back to news

Specialising in working with Listed Buildings and inside Conservations Areas to create modern and functional spaces without compromising on the originality of some of these old buildings, FT Architects have recently worked with Knowles on three such properties in London: Berkley Square, Addison Road and Lonsdale Road.

Berkeley Square - Office to Private Residence with Basement Conversion

This magnificent building in Berkley Square was converted from a city office into a private residence complete with a 1,300ft retrofit basement. The project took 36 weeks and involved the demolition, strip-out and underpinning of the lower-ground floor, with temporary works such as structural steel-frame and braces being fitted in order to form a double-depth basement with conservation features.

FT Architects provided a fantastic job of structural engineering as well as designing the stylish look of the basement and the rear extension to the 5th floor, including new windows and roof structure.

Addison Road - Total Refurbishment of Residence with Retrofit Basement

This enviable property in Addison Road, Holland Park, was extended to include a games room, second living room and spare bedroom with an en-suite for a growing family. The 240m2 basement was built under the existing house and round the front and side of the garden, which took a total of 31 weeks.

The entire building needed stripping out and underpinning was installed to the existing lower-ground floor while the Knowles team excavated the basement beneath. FT Architects provided expert structural engineering as well as beautiful designs for an internal fit-out of existing floors and installation of the second depth accommodation.

Lonsdale Road - Retrofit Basement Design

This sprawling detached property in Lonsdale Road had a retrofit basement installed by Knowles and designed by FT Architects. The structural engineer this time was Vincent and Rymill.

The project took 22 weeks to complete a 1060 sq ft basement construction with underpinning, steel installation and RC Slab, leaving the property with a stunning basement room and a great deal of value added to the price.

Spotlight on FT Architects - Timeless, Elegant Spaces in Listed Buildings