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Residential Basements

Under existing London properties, Knowles can create single or double depth basements to provide extra living space for a multitude of uses. We can also provide construction services for the rest of the property.

Basements is where our businesses started and we are one of London’s most experienced contractors in high specification projects.

Knowles value engineers all designs to make it cost effective with the structural team, and deliver the basement on time and in budget.

Value engineering to save time and space

Our approach to each project is to help the design team create a ‘buildable project’ with valued engineers’ solutions, which save valuable time and space.

Our extensive experience in basement construction ensures that we can provide the most cost effective solution for your project.

Construction works for London basement projects

We provide complete project management services to support buildings and basement constructions projects. Works include:

Site Investigation & Preparation | Demolition | Scaffolding | Most forms of Piling | Propping | Shoring | Jacking | Groundwater Control | Façade Retention | RC Concrete Form Works | Slabs | Walls | Excavation and Disposal of Excavated Material | Most forms of Waterproofing

subterranean construction
how to build a basement under a house


No longer are basements dark and dingy subterranean spaces with little or no headroom.  The experts at Knowles designs basements that are welcoming, attractive, well-lit and airy. For over 20 years, Knowles has been directly involved in all aspects of basement design and build and has acquired a flawless reputation for professionalism, quality and innovation.

Basement Construction Portfolio

With over 20 years experience, Knowles has created an extensive basement portfolio. Here is a selection of some of our finest projects.