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Knowles will help you discover a space you never knew existed, creating single or double depth basements to provide extra space for a multitude of uses – from living spaces to leisure areas such as swimming pools and gyms. With value engineering at our core, all Knowles projects are designed to be cost effective and time efficient.

Alongside basements, Knowles are regularly instructed to execute complete residential works, keeping the redevelopment entirely under one roof.


We provide complete project management services to support our basement construction projects. Works include:

Site Investigation & Preparation | Demolition | Scaffolding | Most forms of Piling | Propping | Shoring | Jacking | Groundwater Control | Façade Retention | RC Concrete Form Works | Slabs | Walls | Excavation and Disposal of Excavated Material | Most forms of Waterproofing

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Basement Construction Projects in London

With over 20 years’ experience and pioneers of basement construction in London, Knowles has created an extensive and unrivalled basement portfolio. Here is a selection of some of our finest projects.


Knowles can go a step further and take your project to a ‘white box’ phase. Desirable for developers and private clients, this option enables work to continue whilst detailed projects elements are being finalised. The ‘white box’ includes partitioning, mechanical, electrical, flooring and plastering, ensuring there are no delays and the optimum program is achieved.

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